RealTime Bondage: Daddy’s Little Girl

Rain DeGrey has described our live feed process as “challenging”. If that isn’t the understatement of the century I don’t know what is…

Live BDSM: Here Comes Hazel Hypnotic

Hazel Hypnotic wanted to know how devious our members could be. On June 25th she is going to find out. We will see how much she can take.

Mei Loves Whips and Canes

Mei wants to submit but one master may not be enough. She needs to have as many sick sadists as we can find taking full advantage of her willingness to be used.

Live BDSM: Whipped, Canned, Slapped Around and Fucked up

Catherine de Sade is about to be whipped, canned, slapped around and fucked up. The entire RealTimeBondage crew is there to make it happen.

Sara Loves Bondage, Flogging and Spanking

Sara Jane Ceylon. She is hot, she is blonde, and she is all ours. We can do whatever we want to her. Our members have more than a few ideas. Spankings from the entire crew leave her with a bright red ass.

Live BDSM: World of Sadism

PD put it best. It is not just a room full of sadists, but an internet world full of sadists. Rain DeGrey is in the center of that world. There are some things that you do to a slut that will make her moan.