Mei Mara Goes Live

As well hardly any of the girls we carry to RealTimeBondage are as intensive as Mei Mara. She’s a masochist looking to practice it all first plam. All of our members have the opportunity to contribute their most sadistic ideas to the indicate.

Live BDSM: Mei Aims to Please

The scene opens with Mei Mara inverted and covered in clothes pins. The frame she is on keeps her legs spread and her back arched perfectly.

Live BDSM: Mei Mara Takes More

The live feeds can be long and grueling. That is just the way Mei likes them. There are so many masters and they all want to see her suffer. Everyone knows she is an incredibly intense masochist.

RealTime Bondage: Mei Fears Our Members

Mei Mara has seen our whole crew before but she has never dealt with our membership. She freely admits that they scare the crap out of her.

Mei Loves Whips and Canes

Mei wants to submit but one master may not be enough. She needs to have as many sick sadists as we can find taking full advantage of her willingness to be used.